Only 3 hours left!

Skin Fair Poster 2014 copy

Presented by Pale Girl Productions and The Mesh Project

Sponsored by Style by Kira, La Petite Morte, Skin Addiction, The Lefevre Mansion, Designer Showcase, LivGlam, loveme skins, Aeros Avatars, MOJO, (red)mint, eternally yours, AR, Elysium, H.O.E., MODA, and yeliz

Only 3 hours left before this year’s Skin Fair closes its doors. If you haven’t grabbed that skin yet that you were debating on, now’s the time! I would like to thank everyone involved in making this Skin Fair a success! Every designer, sponsor and attendee, it was because of you that Skin Fair is amazing.

Skin Fair 1
Skin Fair 2
Skin Fair 3

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