Applications have opened for Skin Fair 2014

Applications for Skin Fair 2014 have opened!

Yes that’s right it’s that time of year again to prepare for one of the most highly anticipated events in SL! Along with your favorite skin designers coming together in one place, this year we will also be inviting your favorite makeup designers to participate as well.

The dates for skin fair are March 14 – March 30, 2014. If you are interested in participating in the upcoming fair please fill out the application here

Also we have sponsor spots available! If interested in becoming a sponsor of Skin Fair, please send an IM to either Kira Paderborn or Voshie Paine.

This is completely separate from booth allocations for the event. Again these will be open to any business within SL at the cost of 10000L per sponsorship. Limited to 10 total.

What you will receive as a sponsor of the event.

1) Your logo/billboard is placed at the landing point where it will receive traffic from everyone tping into that sim. You will be allowed to place a script in your logo/billboard that will either do ONE of these things: join a specific group, give an LM, link to blog or MP….your choice.

2) Your logo placed on all promotional material for the event.

3) Your name listed as a sponsor in all press releases

4) Your personal business group invited to a 1 day early access.